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How to Spot a Startup That Lacks Product Market Fit

Alacrity India Tech Incubator Groundbreaking Ceremony Video

[embed][/embed] On November 17th, 2017, Alacrity India partners Gireendra Kasmalkar and Mike Manson hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to kick off the construction of the Alacrity…

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Digital Customer Acquisition

Key digital strategies continue to increase customer reach & retention, & all signs show that content marketing will continue to grow as the cornerstone of…

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Lessons Learned from a VP of Sales

Jim Farrell recently joined one of the Wesley Clover portfolio companies, Solink, as Vice President of Sales. With nearly twenty years of experience working in…

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Owen Matthews & Richard Egli Visit Alacrity China

Strengthening Relationships, Uncovering Opportunities... and Eating Eels Early last month, Alacrity Canada’s Chairman Owen Matthews and Managing Director Richard Egli took the opportunity to visit…

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Digital Innovations in Physical Security

What is Physical Security? Physical security refers to the protection of a company’s assets from physical damage, harm, theft, or unauthorized access. The assets being…

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How to do Digital Customer Acquisition Like a Unicorn

What does it take to grow a tech startup into a unicorn? What secret strategies, processes, and formulas ensured the success of today’s unicorns despite…

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Mobile infrastructure provides extensive opportunity in India

“The economic opportunities linked to SMEs are significant: ICT and mobile technology sectors are growing rapidly in developing countries…” -World Bank, 2016 As infrastructure and…

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Portfolio company Solink Corporation announces $5 million round of funding

Wesley Clover portfolio company Solink Corporation has announced the closing of a new $5 million round of funding this week. The round included U.S. and Canadian investors, and was…

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