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What’s in a Term Sheet? 13 Key Terms Every Startup Founder Should Know

Alacrity Canada Portfolio Company HYAS Raises $6.2M Series A Round Led By M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures)

The following press release on the HYAS Series A funding round was written by Abby Schiller and posted to Business Wire: August 02, 2018 12:00…

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SaaS- Option OR Necessity?

The following article is written by Gaurav Bansal, Principal at Alacrity India. Gaurav goes back to some basics and offers great reminders as to why…

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How to prepare your tech startup for an exit

Creating a startup and exiting for a big payout is a romantic story told again and again by the internet, media, and forgetful former-founders. In…

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The 2018 Martech 5000 – Alacrity Looks at Martech’s Biggest Year Yet

The marketing technology (martech) space has been growing at a ferocious rate year after year, and 2018 is no different. The “Martech 5000” - a…

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How to Spot a Startup That Lacks Product Market Fit

Pretty well every technology startup out there these days has the importance of product-market fit battered upon them on a daily basis. Whether it’s the…

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Mobile infrastructure provides extensive opportunity in India

“The economic opportunities linked to SMEs are significant: ICT and mobile technology sectors are growing rapidly in developing countries…” -World Bank, 2016 As infrastructure and…

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Portfolio company Solink Corporation announces $5 million round of funding

Wesley Clover portfolio company Solink Corporation has announced the closing of a new $5 million round of funding this week. The round included U.S. and Canadian investors, and was…

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Cliniconex lands $1 million in funding

Alacrity Global is pleased to announce that Cliniconex, a Wesley Clover portfolio company, has closed a $1 million funding round this month. This funding comes…

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